Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Beginning....or rather.....midterm?

How shall I begin....

This blog will be about my journey towards my doctorate in Instructional Design and Technology.  Fair warning, it may at any time include rantings, random musings, frustrations and joyousness (is that a word?)....about other things in my life.  But then.....these things all are a part of my journey.

I began my journey in August of this is not a beginning.  Since that time I have completed 30 hours and am currently enrolled in 6 more!  I have done all of this while teaching full time and doing my best to spend time with a husband and 2 children.  If my Program of Study works the way I'd "like" it to, I am 3 more courses and my dissertation away from my EdD.  Can we say FOCUSED?   DRIVEN?   GOAL-SETTING? effect, this is not a is a "midterm".....and there will most likely never be an end.  Even after making it to my final goal...the EdD.....I am headed for a life of academia......

Not too shabby!

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